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Running Events have a simple and easy to understand refund (for the purposes of this policy, “cancellation” is deemed to be the same as a refund) and transfer policy which is set out below. This policy is written into the event waiver that every participant must agree to prior to entering any of our events. In the interests of fairness to all participants our policy is applied evenly and without exception to everyone. We do not make judgement calls on the merit of individual cases so please read and understand the policies below prior to entering any of our events.


Running Events offer a 50% refund of the entry fee paid to anyone who is unable to take part in one of our events for medical reasons (or a 75% refund in the case of a Series Pass entry). Notification of your intent to withdraw must be made at least one calendar month prior to the event (in the case of a “Series Pass” entry – this must be one month prior to the first event in the series) using the online contact form on the event web site. At our discretion, we may request a medical certificate from a certified health professional prior to the refund being processed and you will then have 48 hours from our reply to supply this (the certificate should not say anything regarding your condition, only that you are unable to take part in the event). The refund will be processed within 48 hours of acceptance by crediting the card used for the initial payment.

No refunds are permitted outside of these conditions under any circumstances. We do not offer refunds for change of mind and encourage all entrants to take careful note of this prior to entering.

We do not allow entries to be deferred to the following year or to be transferred to another of our events. However, you may transfer your entry to another person – free of charge – by following the procedure below.

Important Notes

  1. Refunds for the Albany Lakes or Auckland Half Marathon “Series Pass” will only be made when withdrawing one calendar month prior to the first event in the series.
  2. Running Events offer a 75% refund for the Albany Lakes or Auckland Half Marathon “Series Pass”. This is only available for the Series Pass and individual race entries in the series will be subject to the normal refund rules as noted above.


It is a condition of entry to all of our events that you do not allow your race number or timing chip to be used by any person other than the person registered to do so. Doing this causes significant issues for race timing and results and may also be extremely dangerous in the case of medical emergencies. If we are able to establish the identity of either party in the case of un-registered transfers, they will be disqualified from the event and banned from our future events. We take the safety of our entrants extremely seriously and appreciate your understanding of these rules.

Running Events allow person to person transfers free of charge. These are available until 5pm on the day prior to your event. Start by logging in to your TikTok account and going to the ‘My Registrations’ page. Click on the ‘Details’ button next to the relevant registration then the ‘Make Changes’ button. There select the transfer option and follow the prompt to transfer your entry.
For more details on using TikTok, please see the ‘My Registration’ category on the FAQ page.

Important Notes

  1. In some cases, a personalised bib may have already been printed for the current entrant prior to the transfer taking place. A replacement bib will not be issued so the new entrant will use the existing race number. If you are concerned about having the incorrect name on your race number, feel free to cover it up with tape or marker pen.
  2. Transfers of the Albany Lakes “Series Pass” must be done prior to the the close of entries for the first race of the series. Transfers of “Series Pass” are not permitted after this time.
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