If you didn’t upload your vaccine pass whilst registering, you can easily do it by logging in to my.runningevents.co.nz (you may need to create an account first, if you haven’t already). Once logged in, click on the “My Credentials” tab and select “Add New” and “Covid-19 Vaccine Pass”. You MUST enter your First Name, Last Name and Date of Birth exactly as entered on your Vaccine Pass (you do not need to include your middle name if you do not customarily use it). This MUST also match your race registration.  Use the event contact page to let us know if your race registration name or date of birth needs updating.

If you go by an alias (“Rob” for “Robert” or “Jenn” for “Jennifer”), you can enter this in the Alternate First Name field. The first name on your race registration must match either the First Name or your Alternate First Name. Only common and valid shortened forms of the given name on your certificate will be accepted (please, no “Crusher” or “Sista”).

Choose how you would like to upload your vaccine pass:

  • Certificate Upload – Upload your My Vaccine Pass PDF (1MB max file size)
  • Image Upload – Upload your My Vaccine Pass JPEG (1MB max file size)
  • Camera Capture (coming soon)

Important! PDF upload is by far the most reliable method. We get many image uploads that will not scan due to cropped or distorted images.