How do I use the FlexiREV payment plan?

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Running Events’ FlexiREV payment plan allows you to spread your payment over 4 fortnightly payments and it is available for any single cart payment of $150 or more. There’s a nominal 5% administration fee which is billed alongside your first payment and the remainder is covered off in three equal payments of 25% of your total. [...]

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What is the ‘hybrid’ option?

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The majority of our events offer a ‘hybrid run/walk’ option. This is for those who do not wish to be in the run category but will be running at points and therefore do not qualify for the competitive walk category. This is not a competitive category and entrants will not be eligible for the merit awards.

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Can I walk the event?

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Yes, all our events apart from the Devonport 15km Hit Out, Tauranga Marathon 42km & 50km and the North Shore Run Series 15k events have a walking category. Please look at the individual event pages on the website for walker start times, as they are occasionally later than the runner starts, and for the cut off [...]

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Can I run with my child in the 2k Kids’ Dash?

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Yes, parents and caregivers are welcome to accompany their kids in any of the Running Events 2km Kids’ Dashes and you do not need to register to do this. However, please look out for the other kids in the race and start towards the back of the field. Parents are not allowed at the front of [...]

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Can I enter on the day?

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We offer late entry at the Late Entry tent during race number pickup and on race day for most events unless the event limit has been reached. Check the “Enter” page 24-48 hours prior to the event to make sure it is still available or follow our Facebook page where we keep everyone updated regarding event [...]

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Do I need a credit card to enter?

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We strongly encourage the use of a credit card to enter as it is quick, secure and you will receive instant notification. However, If you don’t have access to a card, you can follow the procedure below and then contact us to finalise payment. To do this, go through the online registration process up to the [...]

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How do I enter?

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Click on the “Enter” link on the menu, scroll down past the table to click on the Enter Now! button and follow the instructions from there. All entries are now completed online and can be finalised immediately using a credit card.

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