Cut-Off Times

If you might be near the back of the field, it's important to understand how our Cut-Off Times work.

We want everyone to make it to the finish line, but must also consider road opening times and release contractors and crew. That's where cut-off times come in.

If you are unable to maintain the cut-off pace ...
At your option, you may elect to continue and complete the course at your own volition. This means you must carry sufficient water and nutrition for your needs, be able to direct yourself around the course and observe and care for your own safety. Where the event has been taking place on closed roads, you must move onto the footpath – where one exists – or to the side of the road and continue as a pedestrian..

So long as you make it to the finish line, we'll be waiting there with your finisher medal.
Our team are normally at the race site conducting the awards ceremony or packing down for at least 60-90 minutes after the official close off. Provided you make yourself known to us when you finish – and confirm that you followed the correct course – we will be delighted to record your finish time in the official results and present you with your finisher medal.

On course, aid stations, marshals, directional signs and road closures may all be withdrawn on a pace equal to the cut-off finishing time.

Cut-Off Times / Auckland Half Marathon Series
Half Marathon 3 hrs 30 mins 10’00” /km
10k Classic 2 hours * 12'00" /km
5k Classic 1 hour 12'00" /km
Cut-Off Times / North Shore Run Series
15k 2 hours 8’00” /km
10k 2 hours 12'00" /km
5k 1 hour 12'00" /km
Cut-Off Times / Corporate Challenge
5k 1 hour 12'00" /km
* Note that at Waterfront Half Marathon, the 10k cutoff is reduced to 90 minutes to allow re-opening of Tamaki Drive. Competitors who will take longer are able to move onto the footpath and continue to the finish line as pedestrians.