If you are focussed on a particular time goal, there is no better way to achieve that than falling in-step with one of our pacers.


Thanks to some wonderfully experienced volunteers, we will have pacers available to help you reach you race goals at half marathon distance. 

Our pacers normally work in teams of two and will be wearing a Run More t-shirt or event t-shirt. One of the pacers will be wearing the all-important pacer backpack and flag. The flag shows the target time they are aiming to complete the race in. They are easy to spot during the safety briefing or in the start chute. Stay close to them and concentrate on keeping them in site during the excitement of the start of the race - this is when you are most likely to lose track of them.

Pacers will operate at the following events (subject to availability) at the 21.1km half marathon distance only:

  • Devonport Half Marathon 
  • Omaha Half Marathon
  • Coatesville Half Marathon
  • Maraetai Half Marathon
  • Waterfront Half Marathon

Find Your Pacer ... and Stick to Them Like Glue!


Target Finish Time Approx. Pace
1’30” 4’15”
1’40” 4’45”
1’50” 5’15”
2’00” 5’40”
2’10” 6’10”
2’20” 6’40”
Important! A full range of pacers for each event cannot always be sourced. Check the event Race Guide during race week for the latest information.

A big thanks goes out the YMCA Runners Club for their help providing pacers for our events.