Virtual Runs

The team from Running Events would much rather see our fabulous participants at our in-person events. However, we know that isn't always going to be possible so, if you can't make it along on race day, you can still achieve your fitness goal, have your time recorded and earn one of those all-important finisher medals by completing the run virtually. Read on to find out how ...




Virtual run options will be made available at all events in the Auckland Half Marathon Series and all events in the North Shore Run Series. A virtual run option is available for every event distance, however Competitive Walking categories are not included in virtual runs. This means you can record a virtual finish time at:
  • Auckland Half Marathon Series (Devonport, Omaha, Coatesville, Maraetai and Waterfront Half Marathons) - all distances
  • North Shore Run Series (Orewa, Run the Point, Devonport and Albany) - all distances

Virtual options offer you the ability to earn your finisher medal - even if you are unable to attend the event in person. For those chasing the Auckland Half Marathon Series Grand Slam award, you can also validate one (and one only) of your Devonport, Omaha, Coatesville or Maraetai finishes with a virtual completion (see AHMS web site for more).

Important! Read on for vital eligibility criteria and medal collection details.

  • Standard Virtual Run finishes are not eligible for merit awards, spot prizes, longevity awards (DEC-ATH-LETE) or series points.
  • You have a maximum of three weeks from the actual event date to complete and submit your virtual run.
  • Due to changes in the Strava API rules, we are no longer able to offer an automated Strava import function.

How To Register For Virtual

Virtual Events Require You To Transfer Into Them



To take part in a virtual event, you must first hold a valid entry ticket for the standard in-person event (you cannot enter the virtual run directly).

If you have not already done so, you'll need to start by going to the Event Web Site and clicking on the Enter link. Select the race you want to enter and follow the prompts to purchase a ticket.
Important! Save a copy of your e-ticket from the confirmation screen when you finish.



Now that you hold a valid entry ticket, transfer to the virtual option (it's free).

Transferring to the virtual option requires that you follow the "Race to Race Transfer" process. This is described in detail in our "Make Changes" page. If you don't already have a my.runningevents account then the e-ticket you saved in the first step will also let you access your ticket and transfer it to the virtual option. Otherwise, follow the instructions at the top of the Make Changes page to gain access to the "Manage My Ticket" page. Important! There is no fee charged to move from an in-person event to a virtual event of the same distance.Important! There is no fee charged to move from an in-person event to a virtual event of the same distance. There is no fee charged to move from an in-person event to a virtual event of the same distance.
Important! You can only change to virtual via the portal prior to event day. Our systems do not allow changes to tickets on race day. If you still want to do virtual after this, you can use the contact form and we'll update your ticket for you ... but this must be within the 3 week time limit for the virtual event (see below).

How To Record a Virtual Time

You have a MAXIMUM of THREE WEEKS to record your finish time.



The first part of recording your virtual time is to get out there and run (or walk) the distance. You can do this anytime from 00:01am on Saturday of race weekend until midnight on the Sunday, 21 days after the event.

Transferring to the virtual option requires that you follow the "Race to Race Transfer" process. This is described in detail in our "Make Changes" page. If you don't already have a my.runningevents account then the e-ticket you saved in the first step will also let you access your ticket and transfer it to the virtual option.

Important! You must take a GPS recording device with you when you run so that you can provide the evidence of the run to us (see below). If you don't have a GPS sports watch then download an app to your phone ... there are millions of them!

Important! Your virtual run workout must be a continuous effort - without taking a break in the middle - and with a distance tolerance of -5% and +20%. For a 10k virtual, that means your workout distance must be between 9.5km and 12km.



Head to our Contact Form and send us one of the two pieces of evidence listed below. We'll check that it meets the criteria and then update your virtual time for you and drop you a line to let you know. 
Note: Please allow a few days for us to complete this.

Send a Screenshot
Our online contact form also includes a file upload function. So if it's easier for you, take a screenshot of your workout and upload that through the contact form instead. Just be sure that your screen shows your name, workout distance and time.

Link to Online Workout
You can send us the URL to your virtual workout from any valid online source - just make sure the URL is "public" (i.e. it does not require login to view it - call it up in an InPrivate/Incognito window to check). We'll check it meets the parametrs and update your time accordingly.

How To Get Your Finisher Medal

There are three options for medal collection.



Option 1: Collect From Upcoming Event

By far the easiest way to get your medal is to just drop us a note through the contact form that you'll be at one of our upcoming events. We'll make sure it gets loaded into the truck and taken to the venue. Once you have completed your event on that day, head over to the Help Desk at Race Pack Pickup and we'll have your medal waiting for you. By doing this after you have finished, we'll be in a better position to help you as the start of the day is always much more hectic.



Option 2: Collect From REV HQ

If you don't mind heading over to the Running Events warehouse in Hobsonville, you can collect your medal in person. If you are in a big hurry to feel the weight of that achievement in your hands, this is usually the fastest way to get your hands on that bling! As the PIN-protected collection box is mounted outside the warehouse, you can collect at any time, day or night. Just send a note through the Contact Form to let us know you want to collect. We'll get back to you with the collection address, instructions and when your medal will be ready. Please ensure you collect within 7 days as items are rotated through the collection box frequently.



Option 3: Postal Delivery

If you don't have another event planned with us - and you can't make it to the warehouse - you can get your finisher medal sent to your home by purchasing a delivery token. Your medal will be delivered via NZ Post tracked delivery. After placing an order - especially if it is some days after the virtual run option has completed - please allow at least one month for your medal to arrive.

$7.50 / medal [ click here to purchase]

Important! Medal delivery is available for New Zealand addresses only.

Competitive Virtual Events


Throughout the entire COVID-19 Pandemic, Running Events only cancelled three events - so now that we are through the worst of it, the chances of your event being cancelled (as opposed to postponed) are vanishingly small. However - for the sake of completeness - the notes below describe how the Virtual Event will be adapted in those rare circumstances.

In the EXTREMELY rare case where we have to completely cancel an in-person event, it will be replaced with a Competitive Virtual Run instead. All participants registered in the in-person event at the time of cancellation are automatically entered into the Competitive Virtual Run (although other options available – see the Postponement & Cancellation page for more info). The Competitive Virtual Run operates similar to the Virtual option described above. But there are some important differences to ensure we have the fairest competition possible. Why is that important? Because the Competitive Virtual Run is eligible for Merit Prizes!

It’s important that all participants understand the additional conditions required to take part in the Competitive Virtual (if you don’t, you might have to get out there and do your entire run again!) …

Only Strava import results are accepted. No times will be accepted by any other method.

Times must be recorded AND imported between 00:01 on Saturday of race weekend and 23:59 on race day Sunday.

Results are declared official as at 09:00am on the Monday after race weekend.

Distance tolerances on uploaded workouts are much narrower than the Fun Virtual option. It is vital your take note of this as a short workout cannot be accepted. To be eligible, your workout must be:

no more than 0.2km (200m) less than than the official distance


no more than 2.5km (2500m) more than than the official distance

e.g. for the half marathon, your Strava workout distance must be > 20.9km and < 23.6km

Important! We strongly recommend you try out the Strava import process early on Saturday morning (up to the point where my.runningevents can display a list of your recent Strava workouts) so that you have time to work through any issues before recording your final time.

Important! If your workout doesn’t meet these exact criteria, don’t stress. You still have the option to switch to the Fun Virtual Run and record your time there.