For the Running Events’ 2021/22 season, we may offer “virtual run” options at some events. This page contains detailed information on when we will have virtual events, the different types of virtual, how awards and results are handled and how you can register and record your virtual run.

We will offer a virtual run in the following circumstances:

  1. For all events in the Auckland Half Marathon Series – except the finale, the Waterfront Half Marathon – we will offer a “Fun Virtual” option at half marathon (21k) and classic (10k or 8k) distances. These options are offered to allow competitors to validate their pursuit of the “Grand Slam” award at the final race. Competitors are allowed only one of these validations per season (where the event is unaffected by postponement or cancellation) and your missing finisher medal must be collected at the Waterfront Half Marathon. Finish times recorded in the Fun Virtual Runs are NOT eligible for Auckland Half Marathon Series points.
  2. If any event in the Auckland Half Marathon Series or North Shore Run Series is postponed from its original date, we will offer “Fun Virtual” options for all distances (5K only in the North Shore Run Series) for those who cannot attend the revised date but would still like to record a finish time and earn their finisher medal. Finish times recorded in the Fun Virtual Runs are NOT eligible for series points. Those who take this option will be eligible for a voucher to the value of 50% of the original entry fee paid and free delivery of their finisher medal (more info on our Postponement & Cancellation Info page).
  3. If any event in the Auckland Half Marathon Series or North Shore Run Series is cancelled, we will offer a “Competitive Virtual” and “Fun Virtual” options at all distances ((5K only in the North Shore Run Series “Fun Virtual”) for those who would like to record a finish time and earn their finisher medal. Those who take either virtual option will be eligible for a voucher to the value of 50% of the original entry fee paid and free delivery of their finisher medal (more info on our Postponement & Cancellation Info page).

Important! There are no Competitive Walk options for any virtual events.

Eligibility for Merit Awards & Series Points

Merit Awards will only be judged on times submitted for the Competitive Virtual run only (therefore, virtual run results will only be considered for merit awards in the case of an event cancelation). Merit Awards for walking categories will be not be awarded for virtual events.

Competitive Virtual run results will be used for Series Points. However, no points will be awarded for Walking Series races and these series will be decided on the basis of those events in the series where walking races were held in-person. Finish times recorded in the Fun Virtual Runs are NOT eligible for Series points.

Important! Running Events rely on the honesty and integrity of those taking part to submit virtual workouts which are a true reflection of their own efforts during the eligibility period.

Eligibility for Multi-Race (Slam, Legend, Decathlete) Awards

Auckland Half Marathon Series “Grand Slam”
Those completing any available virtual option at any Auckland Half Marathon Series event will be considered as a “finisher” of that event & race distance for the purpose of qualifying for the season-ending “Grand Slam” awards.

North Shore Run Series “Shore Legends”
Those completing any available virtual option at any North Shore Run Series event will be considered as a “finisher” of that event for the purpose of calculating the “five fully completed series” required to qualify for a “Shore Legends” award. This will also be included when calculating North Shore Run Series DEC-ATH-LETE awards (for those completing 10 full series).

The DEC-ATH-LETE Award is presented to 10-time finishers of a single event and applies to the Coatesville (2010 ->), Omaha (2016 ->), Devonport (2014 ->), Maraetai (2019 ->) and Waterfront (2018 ->) Half Marathons and Tauranga Marathon (2019 ->). The award is counted only for the years in which Running Events were operating the event. Virtual results will not be counted towards these DEC-ATH-LETE awards.

Registering For The Virtual Run Option

It ain’t a thing unless you get that bling!

Where an event has been postponed and you can’t make it to the new date, moving to the Virtual Run option means you can still earn yourself that stunning Finisher Medal. Switching your registration to the Virtual Run is super-easy and – the best part? – you can do it yourself online.

Important! Remember that if this is an event cancellation (meaning the event has not been rescheduled for another date) you’ll automatically be enrolled in the Competitive Virtual Event and you don’t need to do anything further if you want to stick with that option. If you want to switch to Fun Virtual, you’ll need to follow the instructions below.

How To Transfer To Virtual …

  1. Click on the LOGIN link at the top of this page (or any Running Events web page) and log in to my.runningevents.
  2. In the menu, select “My Tickets”
  3. Find the ticket you want to transfer and click on the “Details” button
  4. In the Details screen, look for the red “Make Change” button. It has a drop-down list of options on it, select “Race to Race Transfer”
  5. On the next screen, you’ll see all of the transfer options available for this ticket. Choose the one you want.
  6. On the confirmation screen, be sure you have chosen correctly. If there is a fee to pay, click the button to complete payment.
  7. If you choose to transfer to the Waterfront Half Marathon, there may be an upgrade fee to pay as this premium event has higher entry fees than other events in the series.
  8. When your transfer is complete, you’ll see your new details on the Ticket Details screen and an email confirmation will head your way too.

Important! If you haven’t already created a Running Events account on my.runningevents then you’ll need to do that first. Just being registered in the event does not create an account, you still have to go through the process of choosing a password. When you create an account, be sure you use the same email address that you used when initially registering. As soon as you login, my.runningevents will find any registrations made for your email address and attach them to your account.


Recording Your Official Virtual Run Time

With hundreds and sometimes thousands of athletes taking part in our virtual events, it is not possible to process all results manually. Instead, we use the most popular fitness platform in the world – STRAVA – to find, validate and import your results and record your virtual accomplishment. If you don’t already have a Strava account, it is quick, simple and free to create one – so even if you don’t want to use the platform for anything else, it only takes a minute to get setup to import your virtual workout to our system.

If you’re and old hand at Strava, you can skip the first few points and head straight for the step-by-step instructions below …

What Is It?
Strava is an online service for athletes to log their workouts. It is particularly awesome for runners and cyclists who use a GPS sports watch. Your workouts can be automatically uploaded from your device and you can see all your workout time, pace, splits and a million other things besides. Best of all … almost all of the best parts of the system are free.

Why Are We Using It?
Strava provides a powerful API (a way for computer systems to talk with each other) and we’ve been able to modify the software at my.runningevents (powered by Director AMS) to power our virtual run series from your Strava data. Cool. Or. What? That means you can log your run on Strava and then import it into my.runningevents. We’ll check that the workout meets the criteria for your chosen virtual run and then automatically update your result on the official event results. This is all done in real-time, when you import your Strava workout.

But I Don’t Have Strava?
Did we mention it’s both free and awesome? It only takes a minute to sign up at Strava and if you are worried about privacy you can lock down your settings really tight and not even use the system for any other workouts than your Running Events’ virtuals. If that still makes you uncomfortable, just create an account for as long as it takes to upload your result and then delete it. If you are a fully paid member of the tin-foil hat brigade, you could even create a dummy email address with gmail or hotmail just for this purpose.

Still not convinced? OK, we get it. Its not for everyone. If you absolutely cannot and will not use Strava to upload your result, we’ll accept manual results from the Thursday after the event. Please do not send your result through before Thursday – we just cannot process them at this time and it might get lost and you may end up not getting a result at all for the virtual event.
Important! If you don’t use the Strava upload, you may miss out on any spot prizes to be awarded.

Strava Import – Step by Step
It’s pretty easy. Go to “My Results” on my.runningevents any time from 00:01 am Saturday (the day before the event) right through to 10 days after the event. Find the line for the virtual run and click on the view icon. On the detail page, you’ll see a green “Strava Upload” button. Click on that and you’ll be asked to permit the Running Events app to read your workout data. We’ll pull through your last 20 workouts and validate them against the eligibility rules. Any workouts that pass will show a green “Select” button. Click that button to import this workout as the basis for your Virtual Run race result.
Important! Your workout distance doesn’t need to be the exact distance of your event (e.g. 5k, 10k or 21.1k). We’ve built some tolerances into the system (see rules below) and we’ll adjust your time to be correct for the race distance you registered for.

Important Eligibility Rules for the Virtual Challenge
(Additional criteria for the Competitive Virtual Run found HERE)
For your Strava workout to be acceptable. It must meet *all* of the following criteria:

  • Workout Type on Strava must be “Run”, “Walk” or “Hike”
  • The workout must have been recorded on a GPS device. Manual workouts are not accepted.
  • The start time of your workout must be between 00:01am Saturday morning of the ORIGINAL SCHEDULED event weekend and 11:59pm on the Sunday one week after the RESCHEDULED IN-PERSON event.
  • The workout distance completed must be within our acceptable tolerance. For each distance, we’ve set the tolerances as follows:
    • 50K Ultra: Strava distance from 48km – 55km
    • Marathon: Strava distance from 40km – 47km
    • Half Marathon: Strava distance from 20km – 25km
    • 10K: Strava distance from 9km – 14km
    • 5K: Strava distance from 4km – 8km
  • The adjusted finish time (calculated from your Strava workout time adjusted for the actual distance covered) must be within the acceptable finish times for each event. These limits are:
    • 50K Ultra: 2.5 hrs – 13 hrs
    • Marathon: 2 hr 10 min – 10 hrs
    • Half Marathon: 1 hr 15 min – 5 hrs
    • 10K: 30 min – 2.5 hrs
    • 5K: 14 min – 1 hr

“Dude, I bailed at [insert lowly distance here]”
Registered for the half marathon but flamed out at 10k? That’s OK. It quick, easy and free to change the distance of your registration. Go to the My Registrations section of my.runningevents, view your registration and choose “Race Transfer” from the “Make Changes” button. In there you can downgrade (or upgrade!) quickly and easily. When you come back to the Strava import, your new distance will now be the one we are looking for.


Additional Rules For Competitive Virtual Run

In the rare case where we have to completely cancel an in-person event, it will be replaced with a Competitive Virtual Run instead. All participants registered in the in-person event at the time of cancellation are automatically entered into the Competitive Virtual Run (although other options available – see the Postponement & Cancellation page for more info). The Competitive Virtual Run operates very similarly to the Fun Virtual option described above. But there are some important differences to ensure we have the fairest competition possible. Why is that important? Because the Competitive Virtual Run is eligible for Merit Prizes!

It’s important that all participants understand the additional conditions required to take part in the Competitive Virtual (if you don’t, you might have to get out there and do your entire run again!) …

  1. Only Strava import results are accepted. No times will be accepted by any other method.
  2. Times must be recorded AND imported between 00:01 on Saturday of race weekend and 23:59 on race day Sunday.
  3. Results are declared official as at 09:00am on the Monday after race weekend.
  4. Distance tolerances on uploaded workouts are much narrower than the Fun Virtual option. It is vital your take note of this as a short workout cannot be accepted. To be eligible, your workout must be:
    • no more than 0.2km (200m) less than than the official distance
    • no more than 2.5km (2500m) more than than the official distance
    • e.g. for the half marathon, your Strava workout distance must be > 20.9km and < 23.6km

Important! We strongly recommend you try out the Strava import process early on Saturday morning (up to the point where my.runningevents can display a list of your recent Strava workouts) so that you have time to work through any issues before recording your final time.

Important! If your workout doesn’t meet these exact criteria, don’t stress. You still have the option to switch to the Fun Virtual Run and record your time there.

Receiving your Event Medal and Merchandise Purchased

If You Transferred to a Virtual Run

Free delivery of your medal and merchandise will only apply if you have completed a virtual run on the event date AND have uploaded your result to Strava via the login within the timeframe stated.  Instructions on how to upload your virtual run time can be viewed HERE. If you absolutely cannot and will not use Strava to upload your result, we will accept manual results from the Thursday after the event via the website Contact page only – please DO NOT post your result on the Facebook page as it can easily be missed.

All competitors who have registered a virtual time will be emailed at the end of the following week after the event date and will need to complete the form within the email to confirm your delivery address and whether you have merchandise to include.  Your credit voucher code will also be included in this email.  If you have registered a result and have not received the email 10 days after the in-person event date, please check your spam/junk/promotions folders for it. If it is not there, get in touch with us via the Contact Page and we will forward that to you.

If you were registered in the virtual run but did not submit a result, please use the Contact page to make arrangements for either collection at another one of our events, or postage of your merchandise (at your expense).

If You Transferred to Another Event

If transferring to another one of our events, your pre-purchased merchandise will also be moved over to the new event where it can be collected. If you would like to receive your merchandise in advance of this date (either collection from another of our events or by postage at your expense), please use the Contact page to make these arrangements.

If You Are No Longer Competing

If you are no longer competing, we can make arrangements for you to collect any pre-purchased merchandise from another of our events, or have it couriered out to you at your expense. Please get in touch with us via the Contact Page to make arrangements.