First, last and always ... the safety of participants, crew and the public is our #1 concern.


Golden Rules of Safety

Follow these important notes to ensure you enjoy your race experience. 
The team at Running Events want to see you back at the finish line fit, well and with a huge smile on your dial.


It is a compulsory requirement of your participation that you attend, listen and obey to the instructions given in the safety briefing. 


Always give way to vehicles. No matter who has right-of-way, vehicles always win. Your race number does not make you invincible. 


If you see a competitor in distress, stay with them. If it is a life threatening emergency, do not hesitate ... ask someone to call 111.

Road Closures

Even where a road is closed, we cannot guarantee it will be traffic free. Take particular note of vehicles emerging from driveways & side roads.

Heat & Dehydration

If you feel unwell or grossly thirsty, stop! You may be suffering from dehydration or heat exhaustion. Consider carefully if you can continue. 

Avoid Headphones

If you must wear them, ensure you have the volume at a reasonable level so you can hear traffic, other runners and instructions from marshals. 


Please obey the marshals where they are acting for your safety and only proceed through a junction when you are sure it is safe to do so.

Watch Your Step

Take extra care near kerbs and raised medians. Look out for street furniture and take care on slippery surfaces, especially when wet. 

Avoid Sprint Finishes

Instead, if you are feeling good, up your pace in a steady fashion over the last few hundred metres. Finish on your feet, not your knees. 

Auckland Council have asked us to bring the following points to your attention:

  1. Parents are reminded they are responsible for their children's safety when using public playgrounds or other facilities.
  2. In windy conditions, please be aware of any trees surrounding the venue and the potential for falling branches.
  3. Foot movement on live roads is forbidden unless instructed by marshals. Please follow the course routes outlined and marshal instructions.
  4. If you may require the use of an inhaler or epinephrine, you must carry this with you.
  5. While we ask that attendees leave their dogs at home, dogs belonging to other members of the public may be present.  Parents are reminded to supervise their children around dogs and to not pat or approach a dog. 
  6. If a competitor is approached or chased by a dog on while out on course, stop and shout assertively at the dog before backing away. Do not attempt to kick a dog unless it is physically attacking.
  7. Please either dispose of your rubbish in the bins provided or take home with you. Do not throw used energy sachets onto the side of the road.
  8. Do not bring anything of value to the event. You are responsible for your own property. If possible, leave gear with a family member or friend.

Our Health & Safety Plan has been reviewed and approved by Auckland Council for all of our Auckland-based events.