Race Number & Timing Tag

Other than your clothes (!) the most important thing to ensure you have with you on race morning is your race number (with timing tag attached). Read more about it here.

Race Number

Your race number must be worn on the front of your shirt at all times whilst participating. The number tells us you are a valid, registered participant in the event and allows you to be identified both on course and at the finish line. See below for info on when it is produced, how the printed name works and how best to attach it.

Important! For information on when and how to receive your race number & timing tag, see our Race Pack Delivery & Collection page. Please! Don't lose your race number - replacements are $10.

Timing Tag

Your timing tag is attached to the back of your race number. The tag contains a sensitive electronic chip so it's important to keep it dry until race day and avoid folding, crushing or puncturing it. Our timing tags are single-use and disposable - you do not need to return them after the event.

Important! Keep your race number on after you finish if you are staying for the Awards Ceremony. You'll need it to register for the spot prize draw just before the ceremony begins. Listen to the PA for announcements.

Pimp That Bib!

More Information on Your Race Number


When you register, you will have the opportunity to select a nickname to print on your race number.

Feel free to be creative (but please keep it clean folks - we will "edit" any potentially offensive nicknames). If you don’t select a nickname, your first name will be printed instead.

If you prefer to fly under the radar – or you want to get busy with a sharpie – just put a full stop in the nickname field on the entry form and we will leave that space blank. These instructions are echoed on the entry form so you'll know what to do.

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Race numbers are printed in TWO batches ... how and when you enter will affect how and what bib you receive.

If you purchased a series pass Series Pass entry at least 28 days prior to the event, your race numbers will be printed in the first print batch. These numbers will be courier delivered to your home along with any other race materials included in your series pass. You will receive an individual race number for each event included in your Series Pass.

For any other registration - Series Pass or Single Race - completed by midnight on the Sunday 7 days prior to the event, you will get an official event race number (with your name or nickname printed on it if you took that option). You will need to collect your race number at one of the pre-race pickup sessions - or from the venue on race morning.

If you register during race week, not only will you be paying late fees (which sux!) but you will also receive a generic "Late Registration" race number. There's still a space available for you to write your name on it if you want to - but it's not quite the same as having it printed there.

Full information on race number collection can be found on our Race Pack Delivery & Collection page.



If you transfer your ticket to another person, they will receive the race number originally intended for you. 

If we have already printed your race number, then your name will appear on it - we do not reprint numbers for person-to-person transfers. If we have already sent the number to you, you'll need to pass it on to the new participant - they cannot collect one from us. It's helpful to let the new participant know that even if your name is printed on the race number, their name will still be recorded in the official entrant database and results.