Immortalise your achievement with a iTAB medal insert, delivered to your door.

An iTAB is a self-adhesive, laser-engraved plate which is precisely cut to fit the recess on the back of your finisher medal.

You can give your finisher medal extra special meaning by purchasing an iTAB insert. The laser-engraved plate will show your name, race distance and finish time. It comes with a peel-and-stick back and is specially cut to fit precisely into the recessed area on the back of your medal. Just peel off the protective cover to expose the adhesive and carefully fit it into the recess. Press all around for a firm bond. Once in place, it will stay there for a lifetime.

You can order your iTAB when purchasing your entry ticket.

  • AHMS Grand Slam iTAB: $19 (includes all 5 finish times)
  • All other iTABs: $17.50

"Oh No! I forgot to order mine when entering!"
No problem. You can purchase an iTAB for your medal after your event via  Shop iTAB.
Important! Please see below for details on when you can expect your iTAB.

Important! When it arrives, your iTAB may be more flexible than you expected. This is because the material needs to be pliable for the laser engraving to work and it has to be super-thin to fit flush into recess on the back of your medal. Once it is in place, it will look amazing and last forever!

When Will I Get My iTAB?
We place iTAB orders with out supplier one week after each event. They are produced and sent out to you directly from the supplier. Please allow a further two weeks for delivery. 

How Does It Arrive?
iTABs are delivered direct to your door from the awesome team at My Sporting Times. Inside the envelope, you'll find your iTAB stuck to the mounting card.
Important! It's vital to ensure that the address on your entry ticket is accurate. See our "Make Changes" page for details on how to find the Manage My Ticket page and - if needed - edit your address. Make sure you do this before race day.

How Is It Applied?
It's so easy! Carefully remove the iTAB from the mounting card. Give the recess on the back of your medal and quick clean to make sure it is dry and free of dust. Peel the self-adhesive backing from the back of the iTAB and gently fit it inside the medal recess, lining it up with the raised borders. Let it rest in place without applying any pressure until you are sure it is in the exact right spot. Then apply pressure with your thumb all around it to seat it firmly in place. It will not move!