Participation & Competition Rules

We want everyone who takes part in our events to have a lot of fun as they smash their personal fitness goals. However, it is also important to be aware that this is an athletic competition and the rules for participating - and competing for prizes - apply to everyone. Read on for more details ...

The Golden Rules

The following four rules - above all else - describe the most vital conditions of entry and rules for participation.

Your Ticket

You must hold a valid ticket for the event - matching your name, gender and date of birth - and wear the race number on the front of your shirt whilst participating.

Event Waiver

You must observe and obey all the provisions of the Event Waiver, which you were able to review and must have agreed to prior to entering.

Safety Briefing

You must be present for, listen to and obey the instructions given during the safety briefing which take place just before your race begins.

Race Director

In the case of any dispute, the Race Director's decision shall be final.


Additional Rules Info

Use this section to get more specific information on particular rules and policies which apply to our events.

How Are Awards Determined?

Awards are based on GUN TIME (time between starting signal and finishing) and are shown on a seperate page in the results. These may differ from the standard results  listings and personal placings which are all based on NET TIME (time between crossing the start line and crossing the finish line). We do this because the essence of competition demands that those crossing the finish line first, second or third should be given those accolades. 
Important! Series points are calculated on NET TIME. See series web site for explanation.

Course Navigation

We endeavour to provide a fail-proof course navigation for participants via; i) A lead cyclist, ii) Arrows at each change of direction, iii) Event marshals at each change of direction, and iv) Accurate course maps online and at the event site. Despite this, it remains the responsibility of the participant to know and follow the correct course and this is especially important for those likely to find themselves at the very front or very back of the field.


Here at Running Events, we're huge dog lovers and love to take a run with the pooch. However, due to the unpredictable nature of pets - particularly in crowded and - to them - chaotic situations, we respectfully ask that all owners leave their pets (of all varieties) at home.

Racing Wheelchairs

Racing wheelchairs are permitted at the Waterfront Half Marathon only and can be accommodated in either the 10k or Half Marathon.
Important! Wheelchair participants must obtain written permission of the Race Director at least 7 days prior to the event.

Running Buggies

Running buggies may be permitted at some events at the sole discretion of the Race Director and must be requested at least 7 days prior to the event. They will be limited to one or two per event and must start at the back of the field. Not all events may be suitable for your device and it is your responsibility to check this first. 
Important! Competing with a running buggy without prior, written approval of the Race Director is an instant DQ.

Child Strollers & Wheelchairs

Standard child strollers, prams and standard wheelchairs may only be used at walking pace in the 5k "fun run & walk" event (or equivolent) . Participants must start at the back of the field. 
Important! It is the responsibility of the participant to determine the suitability of the course - including kerbs, raised medians ,road crossings and gravel surfaces - for the particular device they intend to use within this waiver category.

Bikes, Scooters & Other Wheeled Devices

Notwithstanding the notes already expressed regarding buggies and wheelchairs ... for the safety of all participants - and the integrity of the sporting competition - all wheeled vehicles are specifically banned from all events. This includes - but is not limited to - bicycles, scooters, rollerblades, roller skates and unicycles.