Race Pack Pickup

Find out how to collect your race number ... and when you might even get them delivered to your door!

What type ticket and when did you purchase?*

How far out from the event date determines how you will receive your race pack.

Courier Delivery**

If you register for an Auckland Half Marathon Series Pass or a North Shore Run Series Pass then we will courier your race numbers, included free merchandise and any additional merchandise purchased to your door provided you registered at least 4 weeks prior to the first event of the series.

In-Person Collection**

If you are registering for a single race - or you registered for a series pass less than 4 weeks prior to the first event, you'll need to collect your race pack in-person. Venue collection operates on the Saturday prior to race day and from early o'clock on Race Day. See below for details.

* The provisions noted in this document do not apply to the Corporate Challenge events. Check the Corporate Challenge web site for details specific to those events.
** In some circumstance, we may have to vary the provisions noted here for a specific collection. This could be a change to the standard times, or it could be additional in-person sessions that have been arranged. Please check the event web site or our facebook page for announcements. Changes to in-person pickup will always be announced in the event "Race Guide" - a PDF download available from the event web site during race week.

Courier Delivery

FAQ if your materials are being sent by courier.


How do i qualify for courier delivery?

A free courier delivery service is in place for everyone who registers for an Auckland Half Marathon Series Pass or a North Shore Run Series Pass .

Is that me? How can i tell if my registration qualifies?

Well, you can look at the time you registered (find your email receipt or login to check your ticket online). Count back 28 days from the date of the first race in the series. Did you register before midnight on that Sunday? If so, you qualify.
Another way to check is to look at your race number. If your race number is <2,000, you're in. If you have not yet been issued a race number, or your race number is >2,000 then you'll need to collect your race pack in person.

When will it arrive?

It takes some time to organise printing of your race number, application of the timing tag and the collation of hundreds - sometimes thousands - of race pack items ... so please, bear with us. We aim to get all couriered race packs in to the depot at least two weeks prior to the first event in the series. It may then takes up to a week to be delivered. If you haven't received your pack 7 days out from the event, drop us a line through the Help Centre and we'll check into it. Don't panic. In a worst case scenario, we can provide a replacement bib at the venue.

How will it arrive?

We currently use Aramex for courier delivery although this can change at any time. It's important that you give - and keep - your addess on our system accurate. Remember, most couriers will not deliver to a PO Box so you must give a physical address where there is likely to be comeone present during the day. We reccommend work addresses for this reason.

What will I get?

Your pack will include a race number for each race in the series, which means you will not have to go through race pack pickup again. Bonus! It will also contain any items of merchandise (t-shirt, cap, etc) that are included in your Series Pass package (check the appropriate web site for details). Finally, if you ordered any additional merchandise items like Run More gear or event t-shirts, these will be included too.
Important! In some rare cases, we may not have received the stock of your merchandise items - particulaly event t-shirts - at shipping time. If that happens, we'll drop you an email in advance to let you know and you'll be able to collect them from the venue instead.

In-Person Pickup

FAQ if you are collecting your race pack in person.




When is in-person pickup?

In-person pickup takes place on event weekend. There is a session on the Saturday (the day before the event) which we highly recommend as a way of reducing the stress of having to line up on race morning. Race day collection commences when the venue opens on race morning.
SUNDAY PICKUP: From 6am (Auckland Half Marathon Series *) or 6:30am (North Shore Run Series)
* Waterfront Half Marathon - from 5:30am for Half Marathon Entrants, from 7am for all other distances.

Where is it?

In-Person Pickup takes place at the event venue, close to the finish line. Just look for the line of green tents with "RACE PACK PICKUP" in giant letters along the back wall. If you are unsure exactly where the finish line is, go to the event web site and scroll to the Race Options section. Under the MAPS button, you'll find an option to open a Google Pin to the finish line.

What do I need to bring?

Mostly, you just need to bring yourself.  Race numbers are organised in alphabestical order so just knowing your surname is  enough in most cases. It can be helpful to have your e-ticket ready to show on your mobile device when you arrive at the front of the queue - just in case we cannot quickly locate your race number.  Without it, we need to look your details up on our database and that slows things down - for you and for everyone behind you. 

Where do I line up?

When you arrive at the race pack pickup tents, you'll see some clear signage above each queue explaining exactly who that queue is serving. This will vary from race to race so there are no hard-and-fast rules. However, the following rules generally apply:

  • Most queues will operate accoding to the first-letter of your surname. Just line up behind the letter range that matches the surname used when you registered and your number will be waiting for you ...
  • If you registered within after midnight on the Sunday, 7 days prior to the event, you'll need to line up in the Late Registration line. Not sure if this is you? Check your e-ticket online or look yourself up using the Race Results link on the web site. If your race number is >7000, then you are a Late Registration.

Can my friend/relative collect for me?

Yep, that's fine. But you need to very clear who is collecting your number and choose only one person to do it to avoid any confustion. Send them your e-ticket so they can show it to our crew when collecting and we'll know it's valid.

What about my merchandise?

If you ordered any merchandise with your ticket - such as t-shirts, caps, hoodies, etc - then these will be ready for collection at the Merchandise tent on race weekend (during the same hours as in-person Race Pack collection). Just show your race number and we'll hand over the goodies.
Important! The Merchandise tent only opens after the first race of the day (Half Marathon - for Auckland Half Marathon Series events, or 10k/15k for North Shore Run Series events) has started. This is to allow us to focus on race pack pickup during the busiest hours. Don't worry, your gear will still be there waiting when you finish.