Information for Walkers

Walkers are made very welcome at all of our events, competing for prizes or just out to smash fitness goals.

If you prefer to walk instead of run, you won't be alone. We typically have 10-20% of the entire field walk the distance instead of running. You don't need to do anything special to walk the event. However, if you want to compete for walking prizes, read on for details ...

Run, Walk or Hybrid. Which should i choose?
For any race distance which includes walking merit prizes, you’ll be asked when registering to select your Race Option. If you are serious about your walking, intend to compete for walking prizes and/or understand clearly the rules for competitive walking … select the Competitive Walk option. If you plan to mostly walk, but there is any possibility you may run at any time during the event … even if it is only for a very short distance … select the Hybrid option. Hybrids should start at the back of the main runners start.

Important! Competitive Walkers must start on the designated competitive walk start signal (normally 3 minutes after the runners). Check the event web site "Race Day Schedule" and isten for announcements at the start line.

Competitive Walk Merit Prizes

What you need to do to be eligible ...


All Must Be Satisfied ...


You must be registered in the Competitive Walk - by recording Competitive Walk as your answer to the "Race Option" question - prior to starting the event.


You must start on the designated Competitive Walk starting signal, which is normally 3 minutes after the runners set off.


You must walk at all times whilst participating in the event and not run or jog at any time. See below for walking rules explained.


Competitive Walk Merit Awards are available at the following Running Events' events and distances ....

  • Devonport Half Marathon | 21k and 10k
  • Omaha Half Marathon | 21k and 10k
  • Coatesville Half Marathon | 21k and 10k
  • Maraetai Half Marathon | 21k and 10k
  • WaterfrontHalf Marathon | 21k and 10k
  • Run Orewa | 10k and 5k
  • Run The Point | 10k & 5k
  • Run Devonport | 10k & 5k
  • Run Albany | 10k & 5k

Competitive Walk Merit Awards are also presented for the following Series-based achievements ....

  • Auckland Half Marathon Series | Half Marathon and Classic
  • North Shore Run Series | 10k and 5k

Important! Even if an event or distance does not have walking merit prizes, you are still welcome to walk at any of our events and distances. Just be aware of the provisions around Cut-Off Times.


To register in the Competitive Walk requires two things; 1) to hold a valid entry ticket for one of the Competitive Walk events listed above, and 2) to have the answer to the "Event Option" question for your ticket recorded as "Competitive Walk".

During the normal registration process to purchase a ticket for the event, you will be prompted to answer the "Event Option" question and this is where you should select "Competitive Walk" to be eligible for merit awards. But even if you don't select Competitive Walk when entering, you can change your mind to move into the competitive walk at any time up until midnight on the day prior to the event. Just go to your "Manage My Ticket" page, click on the Questions tab and update the Event Option there. See "Update Questions" on the "Make Changes" page for more detailed instructions on how to do this.

Important! You can also use this function to opt-out of the Competitive Walk by updating this question to "Run" or "Hybrid".

Race Walking Rules Explained

Whilst taking part in the Competitive Walk, you must ...



You must walk in such a way that - to the naked eye - one foot is in contact with the ground at all times.



The advancing (front) leg must be straight at all times from first contact with the ground until in the vertical upright position (i.e. as it passes under the body).



The above rules notwithstanding, Running Events want to make it clear that the walking category is not officially judged and the integrity of the competition relies upon the participants themselves to know and understand the rules and compete within them.
Experienced race walkers themselves will acknowledge that the rules as stated above are made for walking competitions that take place on a flat surface and that the undulating terrain present in most of our events may make exact compliance at all times difficult or event unrealistic.
Participants are reminded that - per the Participation and Competition Rules which apply to all competitors (walkers included) - in any dispute, the Race Director's decision shall be final.